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The goal is to take this boat on a trip that no other Wharram boat has taken.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Tikopia and Aunta

I posted about this on the Wharram forums. For some reason I awoke with an epiphany in the middle of the night. It seems that Wharram's idea of giving back to the islanders who inspired his ideas has come to a standstill. See http://www.tikopia.co.uk/blog/ How could we the builders, sailors and dreamers of Wharram cats change this and have an amazing adventure at the same time. Today 9/11 as a day in history is a good day for starting good deeds. The Tikopia project website seems to be slow moving on this project. There is no way to tell if they are raising any money for the project. Has Andy Smith's yard started building one of these boats? Why can't we, the amateur builders, make it happen? We could all pitch in by building parts and have a boat finished faster that way. Speak to me about this idea if you are interested.

As posted:

Can anyone give an update about the Tikopia project that JWD has set out on. Where have they gotten with donations? Has construction begun? Is there any interest in the amateur builder community for this project?

Wharram talks about giving back to the culture that spurred his imagination about sailing canoes. Over the years, we the builders and sailors of his vessels have gain greatly from his efforts designing boats that spoke to us. Might we as amateurs not build one perhaps two of these and then sail them to the islands of Tikopia and Aunta? What an adventure! We cold sail with a flotilla of Wharrams. I'd be there in Tsunamichaser in a flash. I just finished reading Charles Mann's 1491. I've read Collapse by Jared Diamond and reread the section on Tikopia. As a surfer/coastal liver I'm astutely aware of the now subtle, perhaps sooner than later significant effect of melting/ accelerated calving glaciers on coastlines and islands and all that inhabit these areas.

My vision? To work as a group to build one or two Child of the Sea and sail them to the islanders. We could all work to plan building parts and then transporting these parts to a central location for assembly and departure. This could be an amazing adventure and in a world where sailing has become the exclusive play field of the rich but also one that dissatisfies many we could show that there is another way. Remember amateurs by definition do it for love, professionals, well that is how they make their earnings so ultimately they do it to put food on the table etc.

I'd love to hear if there is any interest.

Thomas Nielsen tsunamichaser aut yah oo dalt calm

So who wants to sail to the South Pacific with a purpose?


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