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Monday, January 04, 2010

Making Tiki 21 lashing blocks

Foam vs Bamboo and the twin vs quad

Twin and quad in profile

Side by side tops

Side by side bottoms

..................a long absence however I have not been doing noth'in. Oh and I have work again so maybe I'll start being able to refill the sailing kitty. In the meantime I've been helping out on a Tiki 21, building and surfing surfboards and on Saturday paddled Ulua in a 6.5 mile open class race, survived the 3-4 foot running waves in 20 mph winds and finished pretty decently even against the ultra light carbon fiber OC-1 and OC-2's. Out of a pack of 61, two boats sunk (recovered) at least one boat was paddled by an ex olympian and the time spread was 51 min to 144 min. Ulua was in at 74 min just behind an OC-6. Results are at http://www.paddlingdynamics.com/challenge/default.html Eventfully there should be pictures up on their site.

The Tiki 21 project is pretty interesting and its great to see what a bunch of beer fuels boys can hammer out one night a week 8pm until 12midnight or beyond. This boat has been long in the making - started 2001 and just might be done for this summer if everyone does their homework. mine this week was to make lashing pads that I finished tonight so they'll be ready for tomorrow's session.

On surfing what can I say. I've been staring at rentals in the hawaian Islands dreaming of a warmer climate!


Blogger Shawn said...

If I get my barn done in time, you are welcome here. Volcano isn't exactly a balmy coastal village, but we're not far from great surf in any direction. I love the bamboo fish- I have my eye on a Grain fish....

11:32 PM  

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