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The goal is to take this boat on a trip that no other Wharram boat has taken.
From Great Slave Lake in Canada's Northwest Territories up the MacKenzie River to the Beafort Sea
and westward to the Bering Sea and south to the inside passage on the Alaska and British Columbia coast.

Friday, August 03, 2007


I woke at 6:10 this morning to the sound of heavy rain. No big deal except that after about ten days of striaght sunshine I've taken to leaving tools and the likes outside. I quickly threw on a raincoat and brought all the tools in or under cover. That was the first yet small catastrope. The next one was a little more serious though it has taught me an important lesson.

I was tightening the aft trampoline, which I had only attached yesterday, to get the tension lines out of it. See yesterday's photos. When I stepped up onto it a gave a small bounce I pulled the rear beam backwards just enough to drop the cockpit. What a shocker! I hadn't attached all four beam lashings, I only had two on. Luckily the cockpit didn't drop far as with the side rails on the box it doesn't fit through the space between the hulls. A couple of things got damaged. One side rail cracked and the bottom of the motor well was damaged when the motor tilt pin pushed un through it. The motor wasn't screwed on only resting on the motor , probably a good thing as it would have borne the weight of the cockpit aft end. Luckily the front rim of the cockpit stayed on the beam rim. I have now reassembled everything but the whole thing was an eye opener. I'm thinking of running cables up the inside of the cockpit with midpoint turn buckle to prevent this from happening again.


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