If you are a dreamer, a doer, a horizon viewer - come in! come in! Announce yourself and let it be known.
The seed of adventure has been sown.

The goal is to take this boat on a trip that no other Wharram boat has taken.
From Great Slave Lake in Canada's Northwest Territories up the MacKenzie River to the Beafort Sea
and westward to the Bering Sea and south to the inside passage on the Alaska and British Columbia coast.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I played soccer tonight. I play in an indoor league. It's crazy how you can use the boards. A little like hockey. It was a clean game though a little rough. I got an elbow in the nose and heard that sound of cartilage crunching. It started spouting blood right away though not enough to sideline me, Now it hurts. One of the guys on my team twisted his knee badly but the real injury was to his wife who was playing on a different field in the women's league. She got a ball right to the eye. It was bad enough that they called 911 and took her to the hospital.

I just finished coating the inside of all the hull panels for Hull Two (H2). It was actually really peaceful. It was good to see all the little reminders I made for where bulkheads are suppose to go. I love the action of spreading resin over a sheet of plywood with a window squeegee. It is a zen like activity. I should head for bed. There is plenty to do tomorrow including picking up the remaining epoxy supplies or so I hope.


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